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    Angulated screw channel

    Discussion in 'Implants' started by bernigts, Nov 10, 2016.

    1. zero_zero

      zero_zero Well-Known Member Full Member

      Mar 2013
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      We supply a driver bit for each case delivered along with a card stating the parts used, lot #'s and recommended torque for the patient to keep. Its working great for us, the patient is now responsible for their own info (just like the info card given after surgeries) and we started to get calls form practices who never heard of angled access restorations before...:)
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    2. lcmlabforum

      lcmlabforum Well-Known Member Full Member

      Feb 2011
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      I provide the implant company label for the patient every time I place an implant.
      The idea of the abutment information is great!
      Yes, many DDS don't even want to to unscrew the abutment because too bush to change
      model of practice. That might slowly change with companies like Nobel pushing for
      their screw-retained zirconia crowns. Be prepared for a wave of badly done implant
      level impressions . . . . just being my pessimistic self today :(

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