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    A growing number of patients

    Discussion in 'Denturist' started by stevo, Nov 3, 2011.

    1. budgenator

      budgenator Member Full Member

      Apr 2012
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      UCR for D5110 Complete Denture - maxillary $2125.00,
      D6053 Implant/Abutement Supported Removeable Denture for Completely Edentulous Arch $3561.00 @ 80th percentile in zip code 480, Then the insurance bases reimbursement on a percentage of the UCR, but if it a covered benefit the Dentist is usually can't collect the difference from the patient. So for the GP the extra work isn't worth the reimbursement either.

      On the Fixed side, our fixed lab is actually charging us more for a custom Implant Abutment than we are getting reimbursed for! Somebody must be making money, but it's not the Labs or the GPs.
    2. highscore

      highscore Member Full Member

      Jan 2011
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      I have my doubts. I see it every day. For parents with kids who need dental care. Adult Dental care is returning to the bottom of the priority list just like it did in the post war era. Parents will always put their kid's needs first before their own. And with the middle class becoming thin, and employee dental benefits shrinking or going off shore, you can bet that there will always be a need for prosthetic restoration.

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