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    1. dr.swapnil pande (MDS)
      dr.swapnil pande (MDS) FrontHunter
      hii your idea about contract designer is awosome plz contact me on whats app +918888881630 or mail id pandeswap@gmail.com (i am prosthodontist and i am really intreasted in cad designing
    2. richmc2
      Micron Dental
    3. mpt
      mpt Kratos
      can I help you chris
    4. 2thm8kr
      2thm8kr DESS-USA
      Keith, thanks for sponsoring the site. Your products rock as does your service.
      Love how easy it is to navigate and order from the Dess-USA site!
    5. corona
      corona JohnWilson
      Hi John , i just wrote out this long letter to you and found out i can only use 420 characters . lol.... wanted to speak either by phone or email about Dess components and fda 510 clearance.... 512-373-5585 or 512 -541-9971 call anytime . email : coronadental8500@gmail.com , I wanted to get your perspective as a lab owner . thanks , Albert Dosamantes
    6. DESS-USA
    7. noaddhere1
      3Shape Remote Designers
    8. mmbh
    9. staten studio
      staten studio nunomrts
      Hi, How are you?
    10. staten studio
      staten studio mmbh
      HI, How are you?
    11. Bryce Hiller
      Bryce Hiller
      Relentlessly Patriotic
    12. Labwa
      Labwa user name
      hey mate, I m looking at doing a bulk order from a manufacturer of elements for the dekema. would you be interested? are you burning through a few?
    13. rgkbmk
      rgkbmk illumi
      If you send me a link to dropbox I will give you the file.
    14. JVitto
      I Love Long Walks On Short Peers.....
    15. JVitto
      Looking into printing models... man looking into anything in this industrie is stressful
    16. Sevan P
      Sevan P
      Delcam exchange was able to convert some encrypted file crossmanager was not. Crossmanager is easier to use though.
    17. Dominick
      Dominick JohnWilson
      Hello Sir, I was reading a response you posted and it talked of contributing to the site. I am wondering how I do this? Is it simply making posts of techniques and advice? Do you mean financially? I ask because I do come to the site frequently and speak to a number of the well-known members such as JMN and Sideshowbob, and I would love to be able to contribute more.
      1. JohnWilson
        While you can make a donation, when I say contribute I mean just post and share wisdom. We are happy you are here !
        Apr 29, 2017
    18. mpt
      mpt Sevan P
      Consider I am able to get all which is the best
    19. mpt
      mpt Sevan P
      Seven is it better to buy delcam exchange or dental shaper or crossmanager is delcam more competitive
      1. Sevan P
        Sevan P
        Delcam exchange is no longer available you will need to find a cracked copy, crossmanager is good and dental shaper is not handed out by 3shape and you need to have them activate it on your dongle, they will most likely not do it.
        Apr 28, 2017
    20. Jackey
      Thanks everyone who comment to the first message of mine on Dental Lab Network, finally I can download my favorite photo and fill my profile