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    1. Labwa
      Labwa user name
      hey mate, I m looking at doing a bulk order from a manufacturer of elements for the dekema. would you be interested? are you burning through a few?
    2. rgkbmk
      rgkbmk illumi
      If you send me a link to dropbox I will give you the file.
    3. JVitto
      I Love Long Walks On Short Peers.....
    4. JVitto
      Looking into printing models... man looking into anything in this industrie is stressful
    5. Sevan P
      Sevan P
      Delcam exchange was able to convert some encrypted file crossmanager was not. Crossmanager is easier to use though.
    6. Dominick
      Dominick JohnWilson
      Hello Sir, I was reading a response you posted and it talked of contributing to the site. I am wondering how I do this? Is it simply making posts of techniques and advice? Do you mean financially? I ask because I do come to the site frequently and speak to a number of the well-known members such as JMN and Sideshowbob, and I would love to be able to contribute more.
      1. JohnWilson
        While you can make a donation, when I say contribute I mean just post and share wisdom. We are happy you are here !
        Apr 29, 2017
    7. mpt
      mpt Sevan P
      Consider I am able to get all which is the best
    8. mpt
      mpt Sevan P
      Seven is it better to buy delcam exchange or dental shaper or crossmanager is delcam more competitive
      1. Sevan P
        Sevan P
        Delcam exchange is no longer available you will need to find a cracked copy, crossmanager is good and dental shaper is not handed out by 3shape and you need to have them activate it on your dongle, they will most likely not do it.
        Apr 28, 2017
    9. Jackey
      Thanks everyone who comment to the first message of mine on Dental Lab Network, finally I can download my favorite photo and fill my profile
    10. Jackey
      Full Services Dental Laboratory
    11. digitallabtech
      digitallabtech Mike2
      Hi, I have a question for you regarding the vhf mill touch point issue. If you have a moment, please give me a call, I'd appreciate it so much. Thanks 216-926-7014 Thanks, Dave
    12. billydte
      billydte shane williams
      do you still have scanner for sale?
    13. mpt
      mpt Sevan P
      i am like you i bought vhf now the hybrid i took your advice great machine awesome. my kids download starwars onto it and killed it
      1. Sevan P
        Sevan P
        Oh man tough deal, I only run software on my mill pc's nothing else. I'm sure wieland will help, just nagging them.
        Mar 31, 2017
    14. mpt
      mpt Sevan P
      Seven where can I log in to download the weiland caM SOFTWARE I HAVE THE DONGLE BUT MY COMPUTER WHEN ****S UP PHONED WEILAND NOT MUCH HELP IN UK
      1. Sevan P
        Sevan P
        I couldn't help you man, I just started with Weiland Cam and don't know really. All I know is the PC comes with it installed, they just update it to the newest release. I don't think they have a download link. Even if you gave them you info and they logged in and saw you had purchased it, they couldn't help? wow, sorry bro.

        I can see if it is on my PC tomorrow at the lab.
        Mar 30, 2017
    15. mpt
      mpt Aggrey Abwonza
      contact me today and I will put the full version your computer and I will give you my website and personal email so you can contact me anytime I am in Portugal
      it.juldan@gmail.com you have teamviewer on your computer.
    16. 2thm8kr
      2thm8kr deadhead
      I need a miracle
      1. deadhead
        always looking for a miracle =) forever grateful
        Mar 20, 2017
    17. mpt
      mpt Aggrey Abwonza
      My name is Chris Technician for 30years plus in the Uk if you install teamviwer 10 or 11 then the full exocad will be installed and working with a serial number. And I give you my what's app number and call any time. Even upgrade you after the year for a fraction of cost.
    18. mpt
      mpt alivio73
      Exocad why $1500 the price is $800 2016 10 all modules with support just helping a friend nothing in it for me money back if its no good. But it is
    19. Dali k
      Dali k greeny
      Hi, what is your phone number? I would like to call you and discuss some details aout hyperdent, we are intersted in this cam software and would like to know some more informations.
      my email is kdali@hotmail.com
      Thank you
    20. John in Canada
      John in Canada
      Today, I am awesome!