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    1. Toothgnome
    2. Jake Dobbins
      Jake Dobbins Travis
      I guess I'm suppose to contact you here. John Wilson seems kinda offended me being on here......or something. Pretty hostile attitude towards a new member. Is this a "tech" only forum? Dentists not allowed? You condone this type of behavior from a moderator? Why don't you go over to the "Sirona MC X5" thread and check it out. Thanks Travis!
    3. dt2013
      dt2013 fayzxx
      location.and any more info.Thanks!!
    4. dt2013
      dt2013 fayzxx
      interesred ,please pm price and components
    5. dentaltech76
      It's a hard knock life
    6. Restorationlab
      Restorationlab FrontHunter
      I am interested in your exocad system for sale. Is it still available? Who provides the support? Please email me at malcampdc@gmail.com.
    7. James Babbi
      James Babbi Travis
      How do I delete a comment or post (made by me)?
      1. Travis
        You can edit your post 24 hours after it was made.
        Nov 22, 2016
    8. Den'ee
      looking for a crown and bridge position (ceramist) but willing to do what is needed.Columbus Ohio area.
    9. kotharyabbas
      kotharyabbas BobCDT
      Hello Sir,
      Have you worked with zirconium from Dental Direkt? If so please share your experiences about its quality and shade outcomes after applying the dip liquid techniques over the Zr restorations? Thanks
    10. BobCDT
      BobCDT Travis
      Hi Travis,
      With all of the crazy ongoings of CAP being acquired by Zahn my sponsorship of the site had fallen by the wayside. What are the terms and what is the easiest way to get a sponsorship back?
      Hope all is well,
      1. Travis
        Sent a pm...
        Oct 26, 2016
    11. sidesh0wb0b
      sidesh0wb0b sampson
      im sorry, i believe theyve all sold
    12. Zsolt Kovacs
      Zsolt Kovacs
      "Never tell that you think when you know and never tell, you know, whenever you just think. " / Quantin Tarantino /
    13. sampson
      sampson Tony Siragusa
      hi, i am interested in the whip mix furnace - can you provide moreinformation -- thank you
    14. sampson
      sampson sidesh0wb0b
      hi - i know its been a year , but are any of the porcelain furnaces still for sale
    15. user name
    16. grili
      grili Car 54
      Hi... did you already sell your creation and LISI porcelain kit. ? I have interest and would like to know the price. Regards
      Gustavo Grili
    17. tomas
    18. tomek
      TAG Dental
    19. cipro
      cipro labtek
      Hi Labtek, I wonder if you ever got to know the price and details of the AG Promo. What is included in the deal and the source of info, I´m very interested in this specific mill and peripherals and I would appreciate you help.
    20. smiletech
      smiletech Travis
      Can u please change my group name and description from zirkonzhan to zirkonzahn